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It's kinda yellow pages but for Vegans.

What is SearchVegans

It's Kinda yellow pages for Vegans. A green book. SearchVegans is powered 100% by green energy, we use renewable energy power our servers and work enviroment. You might have been inspired by the documentary A Delicate Balance, the research The China Study, the books of Peter Singer, or by your favourite actor or signer that is vegan since ages, or the Veganuary project. The next step is let us know you are one of us and register on searchvegans.com

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Why SearchVegans

My wife and I are vegan since 2012, we like to travel and soon we realised during our trips that as vegans we wanted to find other vegans near us. Is there a Vegan Dentist? or a GP or Website Developer? who is Vegan and a seamstress? Are you a vegan personal trainer? I need an osteopath but I would prefer he's Vegan.. and so on. Is supporting other Vegans that we make the community grow and letting money flow between a community with a big purpose, can definitely change the world.

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How does SearchVegans work?

On SearchVegans.com you can search for vegan individuals, professionals, businesses and organisations suitable to your needs. Registering an account with Searchvegans is Free and will be free forever. You will get a customisable profile where you can add a brief introduction and a list of services, your website and contact details. Share your profile and invite all Vegan friends you know with a profession or a business to become part of the community.

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Who are we?

On a Saint Valentine day back in 2012, when every couple breath love, we became Vegan, realising that love isn't just about loving each other but it's about loving all species and respect the planet where we all live. To develop Searchvegans.com we use renewable energy and green hosting service providers. This is to guarantee sustainability within our IT operations. We carry on all our daily activities on a bicycle keeping our footprint as low as possible.

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There are multiple ways you can support the Search Vegans Project:

  • Register your profile on Search Vegans
  • Help us spread the word sharing a link to on your website and social media accounts
  • Invite a Vegan friend, Company or Organisation to register an account.
  • Making a donation.
  • Partnership with us.
  • Report issues with the website. This will help our developers to fix any bug promtly to give all us a better experience
  • Report a User.

If you would like to talk about a partnership, a donation, report an issue with the website or your account, feel free to get in touch with us. A member of the team will reply as soon as possible.




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